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Welcome to my website!  Here is a bit about my work and me:

Much of my sculptural work began with natural forms and/or textures that I find when I am out in my kayak or hiking in the woods.  It’s not unusual for me to become preoccupied with a piece of dead wood or the form of a plant.  I use this information to develop my work.  Recently, I have been creating fanciful sculptural work based on the poem "The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.


My most recent education in ceramics comes from Clayscapes Pottery, Inc. in Syracuse, NY..   Prior to that I have studied at Syracuse University, State University College at Oswego, Albany Junior College and State University College at Buffalo where I attended undergraduate school.  As a former elementary art teacher, I have also found my experiences in education to be valuable in developing the way I think about my work.

My work can be identified by my logo and/or my initials and last name: kjsmith.


I live in Marcellus, NY with my husband Guy, my partner in adventure.


I hope that you will enjoy looking through my website.  Feel free to get in touch with me via my CONTACT page.

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