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The Spatterdocks: Overview


The Spatterdocks

Sculptural and functional interpretations in ceramic of yellow pond lilies found in the northeastern United States.

Facts of Nature

Spatterdocks. . . 

   are also known as 

      - cow-lilies 

      - yellow pond lilies

      - bullhead lilies

      - brandy bottles (because of their scent)

      - Nuphars (meaning nymph.)

- They thrive in the fresh still waters of lakes, ponds and slow-moving rivers. 

- There are different species of yellow pond lily, and variations within the species. 

- Distinct species are native to Europe, Africa, parts of Asia and the Americas and they can be invasive.

- As the yellow sepals fall away, the pistil, which contains the seeds, swells to a pot-like form. 

- Like the flowers, the heart shaped leaves may float on the surface of the water or rise a few inches above it.

- The rhizome is an underground plant stem that, in the case of yellow pond lilies, is submerged in mud beneath the water. 

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